How to use CBD oil to enhance your love life.

CBD is quickly becoming the new coconut oil – people use it for everything. Research shows that CBD has a host of potential benefits, but what about in the bedroom? In short, yes, CBD does enhance your sex life. This is how to use CBD oil for sex.

How Does CBD Oil Improve Sex?

Research suggests that CBD can naturally enhance your sex life.

Many individuals experience performance anxiety when it comes to sex. A study published in 2004 displays the impact of CBD on cerebral blood flow. In fact, the results showed that CBD has anxiolytic properties due to its effect on limbic and paralimbic areas of the brain.

CBD is a well-studied antioxidant. Antioxidants play an active role in boosting the immune system and healing damaged cells. In additions, antioxidants compliment essential vitamins and minerals and reduce symptoms of stress.

Introducing Your Partner to CBD

Before bringing anything new into your sex life (with a partner) make sure you talk to them about it first. No one likes to be surprised when it comes to sex. Communication is essential.

CBD is very accessible and is a non-obtrusive way to enhance your sex life. First, explain to your partner why you’re interested in using CBD oil for sex. Mention the host of daily benefits, it’s relaxing effect on the brain and its antioxidant properties.

How to Use CBD Oil For Sex

There are many ways you can use CBD oil for sex. You can use CBD oil for solo fun or sex with a partner!

CBD Enhances Foreplay

Foreplay is an excellent way to begin an intimate sexual experience. CBD enhances foreplay because it can be integrated into massage.

Topically CBD, like Prescott’s Salve, is a great way to relax your partner. Topically CBD decreases joint inflammation, eases muscle tension, and increases blood flow to areas prone to stress.

If you want to reconnect with your partner and help them get in the mood, start using topical CBD during foreplay.

CBD is a Natural Lubricant

Did you know that CBD is a natural lubricant? Many over-the-counter lubricants contain potentially harmful chemicals and irritating or factory-made scents.

Instead, you can use Prescott’s Intimate Lube. Use for solo or for fun with a partner.

Add Terpenes to Your CBD

Prescott’s CBD offers a variety of CBD products that can be customized with terpenes. Did you know that certain terpenes can also enhance sex?

Terpenes are flavorful, aromatic compounds found in marijuana, and they each produce a complex array of effects. Some terpenes can make you feel drowsy, while other terpenes are energizing. Some terpenes can even improve your sex life! The subject of terpenes and sex has yet to be studied very extensively, but knowing the effects of terpenes and understanding what it takes to increase your libido will help you choose the best terpenes for sex and the most aphrodisiac marijuana strains.

So what are the best terpenes for sex? The verdict is still out, but many agree the best terpenes for sex are limonene and linalool. Here’s how these two terpenes can improve your sex life.

Limonene – This terpene helps give you that lighter-than-air, head-in-the clouds sense of euphoria and relaxation that’s just right for relieving stress and improving your mood so that you can more easily get in the mood for love.

Linalool – Technically a terpenoid, linalool is similar to limonene in that it’s relaxing and great for stress relief. It also provides benefits as an antidepressant. Linalool does have some sedative qualities, though, so don’t overdo it. 

It’s Time to Use CBD for Sex

Now, you know how to use CBD oil for sex. CBD has numerous benefits, especially when it comes to sexy time. Use CBD to enhance foreplay, as a natural lubricant, or even add sex-boosting terpenes to your CBD.

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