Endometriosis Nightmare: How Whole Plant CBD Can Help

Endometriosis Nightmare: How Whole Plant CBD Can Help

The month of March brings women, families and medical communities together for Endometriosis Awareness Month. During this time, millions of people all over the world honor this month to recognize the 176 million women who suffer from this disease.

For those who suffer from endometriosis, finding relief from the associated pain can be just as trying as dealing with the uncomfort. Some few are lucky enough to bypass most of the symptoms of this illness, but many who suffer feel they must turn to hard pharmaceuticals, like opiates, hormone pi, ls and contraceptives, to combat the intense and unrelenting pain that comes with endometriosis; and even then, some say it only softens the edge of their pain.

So for those who have endometriosis, having your monthly period can seem like an egregious trip through the seventh region of hell, leaving you with aches in places you didn’t know existed. And here, we are only talking about the physical symptoms. Can we also mention the sex pain (do we even try to attempt this), nausea, diarrhea, constipation, blood in your urine, pain when urinating or evacuating your bowels, and unbelievable period pain, it can all become a little bit much?

I personally remember in high school how embarrassing this was! Insert Big Thanks to family genes! Once occasion that stands out leaves a dark memory in my past. I was 17. I woke up that day feeling beaten down physically, but as normal I told myself to suck it up and push forward. Wrong mental push, might I add! I had the worst “monthly visitor” of my life! The kind you need to build a raft.

I’m sitting in French class and it hits. I mean the pain hits you like a ton of bricks! Now mix that with the worst food poisoning type cramps you could EVER have, throw in a good case of cold sweat nausea along with going to the bathroom every second, literally running down the hall hoping you make it. It was a high school nightmare! Yeah, worse than that dream of being naked in front of everyone.

I remember walking back to the classroom and my teacher asking in front of others if I was pregnant! A little piece of me died that day. (That teacher and I had many rounds). I remember the constant worry of ruining my clothes. The stares of me running out the door. The way I was treated in the office trying to call someone in my family to come to get me because I was in so much pain I couldn’t drive! Byt the time I had reached my wonderful grandmother, I couldn’t stand. I had sweat through my clothes and my clean pants were stained. Let’s remember I’m 17 at this point.  In high school. Looking like a hot mess disaster. During class swap. 

I was one of those that turned to pain pills to just “help” the pain. I also developed social anxiety and depression from all the hell I went through that day.

So when we say we’ve been there, we have. We know what it’s like to feel the internal hell that endometriosis inflicts on our body.

I’m older now and I do not experience the pains from this terrible disease. I am one of the few that has overcome and walked into the light of internal soberness. Now, I still get some massive cramps every now and then, but I turn to my alternative help. Whole Plant Hemp Extract.

Endometriosis has been linked to endocannabinoid deficiency. This is seen in women with endometriosis, who are shown to have lower levels of the CB1 receptor in their endometrial tissue than those with healthy tissue. This reduced ECS function then leads to the growth of endometriosis throughout the reproductive system. As endometriosis pain is mediated through the CB1 receptor, having fewer of these receptors makes it difficult for the body to control the pain from endometriosis.

Whole Plant Hemp Extract works to block pain receptors in the body through its affinity with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannabinoids which comes from the cannabis plant, attaches itself to cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, within the body and inform the body of what changes it need to make in order to enact homeostasis.

How can whole Plant hemp extract help women in distress? Research shows:

* Slowing or even preventing cyst growth
* Preventing cell migration within the reproductive system
* Preventing blood supply growth of pathological tissue
* Preventing nerve attachment within pathological tissue
* Reducing inflammation throughout the continuous reproductive system
* Maintaining immune response to overactive tissue
* Controlling nerves that transmit pain

Research shows in fact that endocannabinoid could regulate the intervention of the diseases abnormal growths and that exogenous cannabinoid agents can be effective in reducing endometriosis symptoms. This is a major kick in the dieases’ ass and a huge step in helping women overcome the disruption in everyday life.

What others must understand is that this disease just doesn’t play havoc in our teens or early twenties, it plays havoc for the rest of our lives. The damage caused by endometriosis can lead to infertility, cancer or other life threatening ailments. The trickle down can lead to depression, anxiety and other issues from years of worrying or symptoms brought on from the damage. Please know there is an alternative that can help now and promote healthy system growth for a better future reproductive system.

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