Can CBD help a hangover?

5 Ways CBD Could Help Your Hangover
CBD is not a magic cure-all. But it can help with a hangover. Here’s how:
1. Headache Relief: There isn’t any headache quite like the headache that accompanies a hangover. Why does a night of drinking cause a splitting headache? Because alcohol causes an inflammatory response in the immune system. These hangover headaches are a manifestation of the body’s inflammatory response.
Looking for a way to reduce the pounding in your head? CBD might just do the trick. Studies show that it can reduce the frequency of migraine headaches and neuropathic pain. It’s also a well-known anti-inflammatory, which could have a positive effect on the aches and pains you feel after a night of holiday (or any other day) partying.
2. Nausea Relief: Hugging the porcelain god after too much rum punch at your New Years Eve party? We’ve all been there. This is because when you drink alcohol, the stomach your acid produces increases. Alcohol is an irritant to your system, making stomach upset a very real side effect from too much drinking. Nausea and vomiting after a night of drinking is actually a sign of alcohol poisoning.
In step CBD. Research shows that CBD may be effective in treating both nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy or other therapeutic treatments. And while alcohol certainly isn’t considered a “therapeutic treatment”, a night of drinking can easily lead to nausea and vomiting the next day.
3. Anxiety Relief: Ever question your entire existence after a night of heavy drinking? Yah, us too. Tying one on can lead to some serious anxiety and depression the next day. One of the most well-known effects of CBD is its ability to ease stress and anxiety. It’s been shown to be a potential treatment for several different anxiety disorders and has become popular with countless individuals because of this.
The anxiolytic effects CBD has been thought to be due at least in part to the way cannabidiol interacts with several receptors that regulate fear and anxiety, specifically the serotonin 5HT1-A receptors.
4. Neuroprotective Effects: You’ve probably heard that drinking kills brain cells. There’s no doubt that alcohol affects the brain in some very serious ways (ever made a bad decision when you’re drunk?), but the longstanding idea that it actually kills brain cells is nothing but a myth. Here’s the real deal. Drinking actually damages the ends of neurons known as dendrites, which results in difficulty relaying messages between neurons. The brain cell itself isn’t damaged, but the way it communicates is.
Here’s the beauty of CBD. It’s a known neuroprotectant. Which means its really good for your brain and could help reduce damage to the brain and nervous system by encouraging the growth of new neurons. It’s been shown to be effective for several neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. In Alzheimer’s disease patients, CBD has shown to reduce or eradicate the impact of inflammation, the build-up of oxygen, and the decline of brain cells.
5. Antioxidant Properties: CBD is known to be a powerful antioxidant. It’s been suggested that CBD is even more powerful than vitamin C and E. Research shows that CBD is a powerful neuroprotective antioxidant.
To get rid of a hangover, several people turn towards antioxidants to give them the boost of brain and body repair they desperately need. The antioxidant properties of CBD could help reduce the free radical damage done from one too many drinks at the holiday soirée.

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