Prescott’s Story

Prescott was a rescue Marmoset monkey. The family who owned him were moving to Hawaii and they weren’t allowed to keep him because of certain laws that prohibited his residency there. They actually shipped him back to the lady who sold him to them and he was dropped on the doorstep!

A few days after that happened, we went to a flea market one weekend and Prescott was introduced to us. We played with him for 30 minutes. We always wanted a monkey and so we fell in love.

After having him for 1.5 years, he began to show signs of illness. He wouldn’t eat, was losing weight and began having seizures. Because he is a family member, many pet owners can relate, we spent many days and many hundreds of dollars, taking him to doctors miles away and trying an array of medications to get him on the other side of this mysterious illness.

Before Prescott got sick, we had already been intimately familiar with Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and were huge fans. As a matter of fact, we were purchasing from another company and had Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in one form or another at our fingertips. However, in hindsight, we didn’t think to give it to Prescott because of the intense rollercoaster of emotions we were feeling during his violent illness. We were so focused on him getting well that we were spending hours with him, monitoring him, driving him miles to see various doctors and losing sleep that we weren’t thinking the answer could be right in front of us.


It took the loss of Prescott for us to make some big decisions about our direction in the Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil industry. The timing was perfect to begin exploring the idea of creating our own high quality brand of Hemp Oil products.

Prescott meant so much to our family and we didn’t realize how much his loss affected us until we were given this chance to honor him with this product. This is why we decided to start Prescott’s Hemp and share the amazing benefits of Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil with as many people as we can!
We bring Prescott’s Hemp products to you and want you to know that Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is doing amazing things. So you don’t have to wonder if it’s right for you or if you should be taking the products, because collectively we’ve done hours of research to find and bring to you the best quality products to help with your health.

Transparency. Quality. Price. We’re not just a product, we’re passionate, and experienced with a heart to help people have a quality of life they’ve given up on. We are PEOPLE motivated, NOT profit motivated!

You will not find another product that meets our high standards or more passionate people than PRESCOTT’S PEOPLE! We love you and we can help you! We value our customers because everything we do is done with the same heart and mind we gave our beloved Prescott. We put our integrity and loyalty to you on the line because it’s that important that we serve you to your utmost health. We are committed. We are Prescott’s.