420 2020 A Day to Look on the Bright Side.

Happy #420 y’all!!!
This infamous day, which was birthed out of the police code for ‘smoking in progress’, has grown into a day of celebration and the education of the plant we all know and love.

Hemp has become even more important as we have rediscovered its ability to easy stress and anxiety.

More and more people are turning to hemp for stress relief. Including cbd oils in daily wellness routines offers relief from these mental roadblocks while leaving behind the psychotropic effects.

This allows even MORE people to experience the benefits of our beloved cannabis!

2020 may end up being a crappy year, but let’s look on the bright side that on 4/20/2020, anyone who can benefit from hemp can access it through CBD products, even when in a prohibition state or restricted form using THC for work or health.

THAT is something to celebrate today and every day!

To celebrate 4/20 2020 with you, use coupon code roll420 on the website and buy 4 packs of pre-roll CBD flower for only $20! Stay safe and Celebrate 4202020. (call or email our retail stores for same day pick up)


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